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Trevor Gay

That is a really interesting tpic Felix and something I have often grappled with about football fans expectations – what do they REALLY want?

Many years ago I remember my beloved Manchester United won 7 successive matches under the management of a coach named Dave Sexton. He was sacked.

The reason he was sacked was that although the results were fantastic, the TYPE of football being played was not acceptable to the fans who were used to Manchester United playing flowing and beautiful football. Under Mr Sexton the team was winning a number of matches 1-0 and playing a defensive game. It just did not fit with the fans image of what Manchester United stands for. I would describe it as follows - results were good but the product didn’t ‘feel’ right.

It is also very interesting that the Board of Directors took notice of the fans and sacked the coach despite the good results. This example also shows the power of fans.

Do you think Real Madrid are not playing the type of football the fans want to see?

Felix Gerena

Thanks Trevor for your thoughtful response. I think that can be one of the keys here. This means that a fan's value system is not mainly concerned with winning but with something different. I really cannot understand it in the case of Real Madrid, when they've been three seasons with no titles won. Winning should be a priority, but it seems it is not.

I also think those values of the fans are pre-designed somehow by trash-talk, especially through the media and the popular myths. No matter what the football style, outstanding results should be a definite answer, but they are not.

Sometimes, in the case of teams such as Man. United and Real Madrid, the brand is identified with some fixed image of what should be instead of being recognized what is really happening in the present situation. The teams have to live up to their brand and that can kill them.

Trevor Gay

'The teams have to live up to their brand and that can kill them' - I love that piece of wisdom from you Felix - well said Amigo!


Good post.

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