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Floyd Landis was never accused of using EPO which stimulates red blood cell production thus allowing greater oxygenation of the blood and an increase in stamina. Floyd Landis has been accused of using some form of testosterone, a patch or gel, that caused his Testosterone to epitestosterone level to be abnormal which would indicate some use of the drug. This is very dissimilar to EPO usage.



Also, Landis' prize money for the Tour has been held in escrow, unpaid to him until the current anti-doping case is complete. He will only receive that money if he is exonerated, and not before.

And regardless of the outcome of this first hearing, there will be two more: one in France and the other, a likely appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

In addition, he received no bonuses or any other substantial earnings from his Tour victory, in large part due to the fact that his alleged positive test results were leaked to the media so quickly.

Should Landis lose when all is said and done, the winner's purse will be paid to Oscar Pereiro, or Andreas Kloden, if Pereiro is disqualified due to an alleged link to Operacion Puerto.

No one, not even Landis, will reap the normal financial benefits from winning the 2006 Tour, as the ultimate decision is not likely to happen before the 2007 Tour takes place.

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