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Steve Sherlock

I have that book. I read it in college, now many years ago and I recall not understanding it. It may be with the passage of time, I am now in a better position to appreciate it. Thanks for the note, Felix. I'll move it to my "to be read" shelf.

Felix Gerena

Hi Steve. Yes, the book is very hard to read, though once you read the first pages it gets more and more pleasurable. I appreciate the ability of Grass to tell so many different stories (many probably unnecessary, but that´s the essence of litterature, isn´t it?) and give some shape to all that.


Felix: "colurful conversation" can only happen when you open the mind and let the sunlight in !!

Its like a rainbow which requires water and light to form.

Light is symbolic of the other person view points and the water is symbloic of the compassion of tears !!


Fun post! I enjoy that sense of humour you show up sometimes :-) Those kind of conversations you refer to are the ones able to take us out of our comfort zone, sometimes are very rich, others not, but I do enjoy them anyway.

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