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Interesting thoughts as always Felix.

I would say George Best was a football 'genius' on the field and he was my all time football hero. Sadly as we all know George suffered ‘off the field’ and has all but killed himself through his alcoholism.

God has it seems rescued George once more in the last few days.

My point is that genius often seems to walk alongside self destruction. I think I am right in saying there are many example of this in the world of entertainment and I am sure in other walks of life.

I am fascinated by this. Is someone who is generally regarded as a genius automatically vulnerable and more prone to slip into harmful lifestyles? Do you have thoughts on this subject Felix - if so I would love to hear your views?

Best wishes Amigo

Felix Gerena

Trevor, I think not everyone considered as genius should be psychologically weak. It is true that it happens frequently. The most extensive work I´ve read on the topic is John Gedo´s "The artist and the emotional world". Gedo is a very reputed psychoanalist and has treated many people we could considered extraordinarily talented. His opinion is that there´s no direct relationship between psychological weakness and genius. We must keep in mind every personality disorder should receive an individualized evaluation. Saying all geniuses are mad is saying nothing for there are many different kinds of behavior that could be diagnosed. It´s not the same case a psychosis or a narcissistic disorder. The latter could be Best´s case. Psychotics for example, show very idiosincratic behaviors and their writings or paintings don´t have the originality of the talented person.

In general, people with narcissistic disorders can suffer a lot and still be extraordinarily productive, though if they are truly talented they would be productive even without suffering that way. I met one artist (an internationally recognized sculpter) who acknowledged me she thinks she is crazy and needs art to make life easier to understand and communicate. My advice for her was to start treatment with an analyst. If you are talented you don´t lose your talent in the couch.

What is also true is that being creative can help a person to enhance his or her self esteem, and can be a way to get autonomy in life.

Theresa Lockwood

what is a genious, but one who brings a people to the next stage of life in the growth and evolving of the mind.Is it really the creative person.And is it what they created? for all things already exist.yet waiting to be uncovered by the next person who opens the door to the next phase in life.To see what is unseen.to acknowledge because one admits they have not all knowledge.To wanting more to seeking greater, because they are unsatified.Yet the unsatified/the longing of the soul .claimed by others that thier unsatifactory is a mental illness;those who rule the world.They condition and keep life boxed and exclude those who dissagree.and shun them as though they are mad .when thier madness is only the conditioning of the others putting them away in a prison of a boxed life .Because in them there is no life .But the life is in the dying;The geniuses .for the limited ways of the flesh cannot contain thier spirit.The material world of idiocy tey have no room for.they seek seek within others souls .what those others want to keep suppressed and hidden.They see what you don't want them to see .wehn te only hate is your wall.not yourslef;your soul .they are open minded .but shut .To those who shut.The bias they have none .But only relflect the bias that is given. Walls they do not understand .Walls of dividing .the universal tool they are .a part of Gods creation.when all is accepted people can understand Gods unique creation He has placed, and it is for what He creates. good reason .

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