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Tom Asacker

Perfect Felix!

I'm presently a judge for the Innovation Challenge (here's the blog: http://innovationchallenge.typepad.com/innovation_challen/)

I was just thinking about how elite runners group together during a race. They are concentrating on each other. Just like elite businesses watch each other. It takes an outside view, a rebel to change the game.

Felix Gerena

Thanks for the idea of the runners, Tom and for the interesting link ,too.

I know one of the most recurrent metaphors in business is sport. Though I must say I´m not very fond of the sport metaphors applied to business.

The image of a race means a start and a finish point, which in business not always is easy to know in advance as runners do. But yes, the outsider is the one who breaks the rules of the game.

I hope you can explain us more about this idea in your (redesigned) blog.


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