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Steve Sherlock

Excellent tid bit Felix. I recall using playing in many cases where I intended to foster some learning believing that the best learning really comes from not trying, that is not trying to learn (as in study) but just trying to play (and thereby learn).

And to find out the two are connected!

I guess I did miss out by not studying more than French and English in school. Although, with the internet these days, I am still learning something new everyday. Thanks!

Felix Gerena

I agree Steve. Good learning is not a somewhat forced activity, it is something you are looking forward to doing and that brings you a big pleasure.


Very well pointed Felix! Now,let's try to explain this to most of the teachers in public education. They deal also in educating the children on what true enjoyment is about: not about fierce competition but in lifting others, not on fighting but on being of help to others, not in acquiring stuf but in finding acceptance and inner contentment, etc.
Looks like there are big fishes defining what playing is and the rules of the game, ain't it? We could start by making first a good and actual definition of what playing stands for, if possibly clean playing indeed.

"One person with courage makes a majority"

Troy Worman

Excellent post.

Children learn through play. Interestingly, most of children's play mimics work.

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