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Rosa Say

Interesting Felix; I like the way you differentiate change and transformation, and I share your call for work integration from new learning.

Thank you too, for the wonderful article you have written for Talking Story today; to learn from you is indeed our pleasure.
Aloha e, Rosa

Felix Gerena

Thanks for your invitation, Rosa. It´s been a pleasure to have these synergies.

Trevor Gay

Brilliant Felix.

When we believe we are no longer learning is the time to just curl up and die. My Grandmother died at 91 years of age and as a young man I remember her always telling me she was still learning. It is a most tragic situation when budgets are tight that training is always the budget heading that is cut. My opinion is that when your company is in trouble then that is the time to invest more in training. In fact if investment in training is adequate in the first place many companies would not end up in trouble!!

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