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Steve Sherlock

Felix, good food for thought! Especially as it pertains to the conversation on the internet with blogs, comments, audience, etc.

Another way of avoiding the conversation is simply not being aware of the possibility. For those without internet access, this is easy. For those with internet access, but who have not heard of blogs, this is also easy. For those with internet access and who have heard of blogs, this is still fairly easy as there simply are so many.

What was the Technorati count? 35.3 Million! How do we (as individuals) really expect our voice to be heard amongst that mess? The only chance I see is to create a network and gradually expand that network, i.e. let the net work!

Felix Gerena

Hi, Steve. I do really think Barthes ideas are very cool and can make you think about such trivial -again this word- things as daily conversations.

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