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The same is applicable for life. We write our life with actions, and sometimes is life who writes, with blood an marks, its going on us. The way improvement works is rewriting these marks.
In some way, we are living rewrited documents.

Great Felix!

Noel Guinane

I agree. You have to work on something really hard to make it even acceptable, never mind great and that goes for everything in life, not just writing.


And don't forget the practical application of the script. The acting can make or break the script. In other words it is how we live our lives that is as important as the values we profess.

Troy Worman

Felix! Some time ago you coined a new phrase for the under-appreciated--The Van Gogh Effect. If I remember correctly, this is an occurrence of a series of paradoxes that result in the under-appreciation of talent or value. Have you written anything on this recently?

Felix Gerena

Sure Nice, that´s probably the sense of learning.

Troy, I´ve sent you an e-mail with some stuff on "The Van Gogh effect".

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