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That is really good. The only thing I can think to add is looking at trends. Look at what is developing and see the potential for growth. I think that is what I hear you saying in each of the categories you listed. That is fascinating, I don't think that I spend enough time looking at the trends in my life. If I spent a little more time doing this I could take charge of my circumstances. I like the idea that you are developing here. Thanks.

Felix Gerena

Hi Rocky. Yes, trends are important. I think Aristotle´s category of compulsion refers to external influences upon us and can perfectly refer to trends.

Francisco Fernández

Nice idea. Here's my contribution:

Chance. I hope to visit one new country and meet one good person this year. More than one will be welcome.
Nature. I predict the tides will continue going high and low as far as the moon keeps moving.
Compulsion. I predict great personal disorders as soon as I start the EMBA.
Habit. I will continue giving advices I can not follow myself.
Reason. I will try to stop giving advices I can not follow myself.
Anger. I expect I will feel angry with myself when the Habit beat the Reason.
Longing. just a cup of a coffee with no hurry, no concerns and no plans on any Sunday morning.


Nice. A very nice post. I will hijack your Quotes :)-

But to touch on Aristotle´s Rhetoric and to get rhetorical, people sometime do things because they are crazy too.. a flash of madness - suddenly is deemed to be as the "light going on" and that is also called as being a genuis !!

Felix Gerena

Great comments. Thanks!

Francisco, I also like those days with no worries. I especially enjoy them on the beach leaving the waves touch my fingers and feeling the sun rays on my skin. I love it.

Peter, I agree, a touch of madness is also necessary. For the Greeks divination had similarities with madness (schizophrenia), for the schizophrenic finds traces or signs of meaning everywhere. That´s why chamans usually feel possesed and their souls unbalanced. ;)


Brilliant! It's o fresh. Have you gone veggie by any chance?. Just joking; I doubt you will go for that with the fabulous seafood in that country :-)

Francisco Fernández

Anyone said seafood??? I forgot to include that one in my longing right after the coffee cup. :)

Felix Gerena

Wow. Thanks everybody for the comments.

Omara, Still not a veggie, but more and more interested in vegetables, certainly. Gym and vegetables is an awesome blend fo health. I´m on the way to that.

Francisco, fruits de mer are so wonderful. On Christmas I had some wonderful cigalas, one of my favorite dishes, indeed.


Sounds good enough for keeping oneself healthy. Take it easy.

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