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Tom Asacker

I wonder if our obsession with getting things done - perhaps driven by our materialistic lifestyles and thus need for money to fuel it - prevents us from hearing our muse?


Tom, yes we often don't heed the calling for the simple reason we are to busy taking (trying to!) Care of other things.

Felix : I would think of the "musing" being similar to 'something' which gently strokes the soul and inflames in it passion, strength and will. Where it "becomes" that one thing which is said to be'not if I can do it-rather, I will do it!!"

Not sure what that 'something' is -yet :)-

Felix Gerena

Thanks for your comments. Yes, perhaps our concern with money-making tends to forget other important aspects of life. Deleuze used to say money de-territorializes people. I understand this as a loss of the "place of the soul", the garden of everyone´s life. We must also keep in mind how the muses were created for the ancient greeks. After Zeus ordered the world the gods contemplated the magnificiency of his creation. And he asked them if they saw there was something lacking. They answered: Yes, there´s something lacking, a voice to praise the complete creation with words and music.

So the muses appear when there´s creation and there´s also a poetic attitude towards things and life. In words and music makes the muse her pressence. I think this also makes sense with what you tell, Peter.

In my opinion, a poetic approach to work is not impossible. If we deal with scientific jargon everyday and feel ok why shouldn´t we introduce beauty in our daily working activities?

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