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WOW; great news, I am very happy for You.

Felix Gerena

Thanks, Luis.

Steve Sherlock

Congratulations! That is an accomplishment to be proud of Felix!

Now, to spread the word further so you can continue the climb up the rankings.

ChangeThis Team

Hi Felix-

Way to go! That's great news about your book. You'll have to let us know how it goes. We'd love to see a copy.

Best of luck and congratulations. We're very excited for you!

--The ChangeThis Team

Felix Gerena

Thank you, Steve and ChangeThis. This is a proof that work still counts for many people.

Trevor Gay

Brilliant Felix - I say - doing your homework always pays off in the end. Well done my friend - keep it simple.


Great going my friend !! and happy futures to you and yours :)-

Felix Gerena

Thanks a lot, Peter.

Gabriel Salcido



Felix Gerena

Thanks, Gabriel.

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