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Hi Felix

I love the John Lennon lyrics - 'Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans’

Planning is, of course, important but on the other hand I prefer the quote Tom Peters often relates; 'We have a strategic plan - it is called 'doing things'

My anxiety about planning and my experience of the UK National Health Service where I worked for 35 years is that there are many good 'plans.' Sadly they remain just that - good plans. There is a distinct lack of 'doers'

Many good ideas get ‘bogged down’ and ‘stuck’ in the 'system' due to the lack of action and experiment. I would like to see more mistakes made in business because if we are making mistakes it does at least mean we are trying to do things rather than just simply accepting the status quo.

Felix Gerena

Trevor, I think we are talking about different topics. I didn´t refer to plan as a structured process of thinking and behavior planning, but as a "new idea".

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