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Felix Gerena

Those are real success stories, James! While sometimes we think there are no ways of "changing the world", you are showing out it is possible to make a dramatic change.


Thanks Felix... perhaps someday you can join us in Vietnam :)

Felix Gerena

Perhaps, James. Thanks for the invitation.

Trevor Gay

James - that is a wonderful story. We send our love and prayers to Ha from Annie and me here in England.

Also our prayers go out to you and your team. You are doing such fantastic work in dangerous environments.

The media coverage of war tends sometimes diverts our attention away from the human cost of conflict on individuals. It is so amazing to her of Ha's determination and love for her family. We hope she continues to thrive. God bless you all.

Rosa Say

James, thank you for sharing Ha's story, she is truly an inspiration for all of us.

In Hawaiian, ha means "the breath of life" and thus, it is an important part of the word aloha; your alo is your demeanor, and together, alo + ha, aloha is to celebrate one's inner spirit - a living from the inside out.

Indeed, Ha has been the breath of life and the spirit of her family, and it seems so fitting that she inspire us with the breath of life in our first Blogidarity campaign.
Mahalo nui, aloha e,


Trevor and Rosa-

Thank you for your kind words... and Rosa, that could not be more true about Ha! I have blogged your comment today at

Trevor, you said:
"The media coverage of war tends sometimes diverts our attention away from the human cost of conflict on individuals."

So true! Landmines (and other unexploded ordnance) are often refered to as weapons of mass destruction in slow motion as they kill and maim so many.

What I like to remind people is it is not the NUMBER of people being injured, but the amount of harm these accidents cause INDIVIDUALS.

Weapons of Mass Destruction? There is no destruction more massive than the death or disfigurement of an innocent child.

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